Preparing for International Blog House in Efteling

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Preparing for Efteling Internation Blog House


Today I am going to start an incredible weekend with my friends Julia and Stefan, my brother Dominik and my love Lisa.

We are going to Efteling !


efteling theme park
efteling theme park –


In well known theme park Efteling in the Netherlands there are many influencers for nine weeks in a row. The park is the first theme park in the Netherlands that makes this possible. Bloggers and influencers from France, Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany spend their time in the Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk and report, blog and vlog about.


Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk
Holiday Village Efteling Bosrijk –


I am very happy to have been invited to this special event. You may know that I really love visiting theme parks, aqua parks, fairy tale parks and so on. It is like going in a fabulous world which has nothing to do with daily life. You can enjoy and consume these wonderful and foreign worlds and you can even live there for several days like in Efteling Bosrijk. Especially for people comming not from the Netherlands or bordering coutries this possibility of sleeping in the theme park can make a visit much more comfortable.

I have to pack the last staff, refuel the car and then we are going to travel to Efteling 🙂

If you want to get to know more about the International Blog House in Efteling you read this.

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