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fitness tracker

 fitness tracker*

As I already told you I have started a new fitness program. Therefor I have searched a tracker to get information about my fitness level. The most tracker I have found did not show the heart rate and that is something I am very interested in. Of course, many tracker do, but mostly this products are very expansive.

This “Vivosmart” tracker shows the number of steps and even my pulse, the heart rate. And it is relatively cheap. You can although see the floors you have walked up. In addition to that you can set your own sports level and challenge. The app works really well and you are able to see your personal progress. Moreover the tracker can be connected to your smartphone by Bluetooth. On the screen you are able to see messages and incoming calls. You can further choose between different activities. For example, when I go jogging I start this mode and every mile the tracker vibrates and shows me information about time, heart rate and wasted calories. Finally the very best special is the heart rate function. It’s very precise like the heart rate monitor in my gym and it refreshes every second. That is why I can highly recommend this fitness tracker.

For me personally, the portal is a good method to compare products you are searching for. The category fitness tracker describes different models and has even helped me making a decision.


How you can see, I use it for every situation 🙂

fitness tracker from Garmin
Mozart the pug

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