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fitness program*


Some time ago I have started searching for some new kind of fitness. For a long time I have played handball, but an injury forced me to stop it. So I had to look for some new sport. In addition to jogging I became a member of a local gym. You know the training plans are like, “do four exercises of this, three of this and try the maximum on this one…” To cut a long story short, I needed a book or something else that explained me the reason why I do this exercise and how exactly I have to do this. Therefor I ordered some books and started a few online trainings until I decided to train with this book. The traings time varies beetween 15 to 60 minutes, but especially short sessions are such exhausting.

So I have started the fitness program by Mark Lauren*, who is an instructor for special forces. His book is about doing practices with your own body weight. You just need a small room and around thirty minutes at three to four times the week. I combine this training with classic bench press. I do not have problems with my figure, but for real, I want to make my body more tough. So it begins…


fitness program
fitness- week one


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