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active weekend

This weekend I visited my friends in my hometown for an active weekend. On Friday I joined some friends in the outback, far away from the rush.

dry lake
dry lake

They own an old cottage with two residential units with a bathroom and a kitchen. In former times we have spent our weekends there with about ten people. But it is a lot of hard work to keep this clean. So, three of my friends try to upgrade this cottage and the area around. They want to take the mud out of the lake and fill fresh water in. After this they want to make it comfortable for fishing with a great bridge and a circular platform in the middle.

pumbing water out of the lake

Around the lake we have set wooden poles with plastic tarpaulins to take the mud behind.

playing craftsman


On Sunday we met for a bicycle tour. Planned with twelve friends, we finally started with four friends our tour around a lake. After around one hour we arrived at a friends cabin in the wood. There we took a break and had barbecue.


Our host took care of us and made a really good barbecue, so that we were able to drive home later.

bicycle clique
bicycle clique

This has not been the last time we have visited this peaceful place. Special thanks to Sascha for his total care package 🙂

group portrait
group portrait



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