egypt In 2015 we travelled to Egypt for a few days to relax. During this time terrorism in North Africa expanded and so we decided to stay at our hotel.   Although it was a pity not to go out, we took part in a snorkeling tour for one day, which was an amazing experience!…Continue Reading “EGYPT”


one man show My buddy Marcel sent me this photo on his way to university. He was searching for the right room and discovered this guy playing piano, alone in this gigantic lecture room.   Please follow and like us:


my brothers birthday   Happy Birthday Broda!!! My beloved brother Dominik is going to be 23 years. I am very proud of him. He is an inevitable part of my life.     He is a prospective dentist and feels passionately about this subject. Please follow and like us:


wine festival This weekend we have visited a wine festival in Hessen. It is a traditional event in Lisas home town and worth a visit. Musical groups play different kinds of music and wine makers sell their products. This creates a beautiful and interesting ambience.   Please follow and like us: